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TinyChat Pro Sales & Marketing – Ineptitude By The Seat Of Your Pants?

January 20, 2012 Leave a comment

I noticed that TinyChat offers a Pro feature that claims to give higher quality video and 16fps video playback. At first glance, it’s tempting. But I have some concerns.

Looking at the way this feature is pushed, it makes me think the TinyChat staff are running some kind of social experiment to see how much they can confuse and annoy their users, and how inefficiently and confusingly they can advertise a product. It’s like TinyChat’s administration is trying as hard as possible to advertise a product that people will be afraid to purchase. Hanlon’s Razor comes to mind.

Here are some examples of why I think this is true:

Unclear Description of Features and Their Implementation

The information on what you exactly get when purchasing TinyChat Pro is extremely unclear. I can think of a number possible explanations for the features that are bestowed upon Pro accounts:

  • Do the Pro features apply to any chat room you visit, as long as your logged in?
  • Do the Pro features only apply in the chat room from which you bought the upgrade, even if you are not the owner? (And are the Pro features usable even by other users who did not pay, as long as they’re in that room?)
  • Do the Pro features only apply in the chat room named after your own account? (And are the Pro features usable by anyone who visits your room, even if they did not pay?)

The very unclear description of what $9.99 / month actually buys already completely turns me off this product. Why would I spend $9.99 on something when the people marketing it don’t even bother explaining what it is?

Inflexible Payment Options

The only option available is a $9.99 / month recurring fee. This is scary. I think a lot more people would give this a try if a one-shot $9.99 for one month payment was available. I’m not particularly comfortable with getting into a recurring payment with a constantly morphing and somewhat buggy service like TinyChat.

Payment Security

The payment page that takes your credit card information appears, incredibly, to be INSECURE! The URL does not begin with https. Insecure pages are easily snooped, meaning that any sensitive information like credit card numbers could be stolen by anyone! Astonishing!

Clearly, the TinyChat administration needs to rethink the way they’re advertising and pushing this product. The whole “hawk an internet service by the seat of your pants” approach is really like shooting yourself in the foot.

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