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Petro Canada Carwash Season Pass – Commentary

January 6, 2011 2 comments

I recently saw this sign at a Petro-Canada car wash in Mississauga – Photo:

Caption: Car Wash Season Pass - Get a FREE Gift Card Holder With Purchase

I’m confused here.

Do they actually think that people will be so excited to get a free “Gift Card Holder” that it would change their decision on whether or not to make the purchase? Every gift card I have purchased, from Home Depot to The Body Shop comes in a nice little folding cardboard wrapper.

I find it incredibly presumptuous of them to imply that people are this stupid. It’s even worse that they wasted time, energy and raw materials to make signs like this. It’s on par with all the junk mail that Bell Canada, which is the Worst Company in Canada, sends out. Hopefully this sign the making of Petro employees before they got bought out, as I have more respect for Suncor.

Suncor / Petro-Canada, please stop insulting our intelligence and find better ways to add value. You can do this be eliminating the rail / soft cloth car washes and replacing them all with non-rail, truly touch-free car washes. Thank you.

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QuickTax As The New AOL?

February 13, 2010 Leave a comment

I think that Intuit’s QuickTax product is becoming like AOL. A couple of weeks ago, I received a spammed QuickTax CD in my snail-mailbox. On the packaging, it informed me that if I had ordered my own copy of QuickTax, disregard this one because my copy was still coming.

I haven’t used QuickTax since 2006. They keep sending me e-mail updates now and then, but this is the first actual CD they sent me. I don’t like the arrogance and implied acceptance of their product that they’re showing. Is Intuit so arrogant as to think that their product is used as such a default status that this extranous mailing would not create unnecessary trash in our landfills?

I think it is a manifestation of the shotgun business tactics that made it look like every magazine, mailbox, everything was overflowing with AOL CDs some years back.

Intuit: 95% marketing, 5% product.

Just because of this alone I won’t be using their product. again for me this year.

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