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So Much For The Recession

January 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Looking back at an investment account I opened almost exactly one year ago, my fund is up about 43%! Being young, I have the luxury of not being afraid of risky markets.

It’s easy to think, “If only I knew what I know now when I was sixteen years old…” I could have made some much smarter decisions in business, investing, school, life, etc. But, as Stevie Wonder says:

Some people live in what was and what they could have been
As opposed to living in a what is and how much they can
And be the first to complain about nothing in life going their way
The attitude is “that I can’t do nothing ’bout”
And very happy with just breathing in and out
The ones that when you say “lets go make a difference”
They’ll say “naw that’s OK”

Words to live by.

I was listening to Dave Ramsey‘s podcast today and he was going on about how to be successful, and I think he’s right in how simple it is and how much hard work is required: Set goals. Work hard. “Men become what they think about.” You reap what you sow.

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