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Was Hacked?

February 10, 2013 Leave a comment

I have blogged about the possible hacking of DnyDns and Infonec.

Today I am blogging about the the company who makes the Photon Light, a brilliant tiny LED-based flashlight. I own 2 of them.

The situation (once again…)

I use a separate unique e-mail address with almost every company / entity that I deal with. This helps me identify the source of any spam or unauthorized sales of my e-mail address because the only groups that know said addresses are myself and the individual company I am dealing with.

For example, I use a unique e-mail address for this WordPress account. So if I hypothetically started receiving spam urging me to “Enlarge your *****” at that e-mail address, I know that either WordPress was hacked or they sold my address.

Fast Forward To Today (Once Again…)

I received a spam e-mail for some “Asian Bride” website at the e-mail address used for The only parties outside myself that know this address are my e-mail services provider (who hosts dozens of these forwarders) and How did the spammers get my e-mail address? You, the reader, can connect the dots.

General Recommendations

Everybody should use unique passwords for every website / service. This is because, if one site gets compromised, your information might be used to compromise your accounts on other sites. If you used a password on that was used elsewhere, you should change those passwords immediately.

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Crime and Safety in Toronto

December 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Despite the various rambling threads about safety in Toronto, the fact is that all kinds of things go down in this city.

Earlier this month, my cousin was actually car-jacked in Toronto by a gun-toting crack-smoker who forced him to drive around for an hour and make Interac purchases so he could get the Interac cash-back money.

Scary stuff.

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