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AmEx Cash Rebate – Another Big WIN At Costco

February 7, 2012 Leave a comment

The Costco American Express Platinum Rebate. January has come and gone again, resulting in the much-anticipated mailing of Costco AmEx yearly rebate cheques. This, in turn, leads to the also anticipated but much less cherished long line-ups at the check-out, as we wait for the cashiers to process everyone’s personal rebate cheques. I’ll bet these things reduce each person’s bill by an average of $7.29 or so.

Trying to be smart, I brought my cheque in with me on a weekday night. Hopefully, I would be able to load up on Costco rotisserie chickens and a bucketload of hummus without braving the massive rebate-cheque-toting crowds. My gamble to avoid the excessive line-ups was a success.

I, unfortunately, was not.

During my typical brainless march through the checkout, I forgot to hand them my rebate cheque. As usual. Damn. My $6 rebate would have to wait. Or so I thought.

Turns out Costco is a lot more aweome than I am.

I queried the cashier, asking if I could apply my rebate cheque after the fact. She took my membership card, rung the cheque through, and handed me the value in cash.


Another big WIN when shopping at Costco!

Costco Rotisserie Chicken

I was at my local Costco, chatting with the employee who boxes up the rotisserie chickens.

They sell 3000 chickens per week and lose $1 per chicken. It’s a loss leader to get people into the store. It takes 56 minutes to cook one batch of 32 chickens.

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Costco: Wonders Never Cease

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

I was at Costco today, enjoying their $1.99 hot dog and drink deal.

Lounging around in the seating area, I saw one of the kitchen employees walk out with a fried chicken strip wrapped in a napkin and hand it off to this one gentleman who was eating chicken strips and fries. “This is just making up for the one tiny little chicken strip you got.”

Costco one again re-earns my loyalty through small gestures.

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