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QuickTax As The New AOL?

February 13, 2010 Leave a comment

I think that Intuit’s QuickTax product is becoming like AOL. A couple of weeks ago, I received a spammed QuickTax CD in my snail-mailbox. On the packaging, it informed me that if I had ordered my own copy of QuickTax, disregard this one because my copy was still coming.

I haven’t used QuickTax since 2006. They keep sending me e-mail updates now and then, but this is the first actual CD they sent me. I don’t like the arrogance and implied acceptance of their product that they’re showing. Is Intuit so arrogant as to think that their product is used as such a default status that this extranous mailing would not create unnecessary trash in our landfills?

I think it is a manifestation of the shotgun business tactics that made it look like every magazine, mailbox, everything was overflowing with AOL CDs some years back.

Intuit: 95% marketing, 5% product.

Just because of this alone I won’t be using their product. again for me this year.

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