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50 Shades of Grey – Mens Clothing Sale

August 25, 2012 Leave a comment

If this keeps up, I think the 50 Shades of Grey will become like the snuggie of adult books.


50 Shades of Gray Mens Clothing Sale at Stars Mens Shops

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I Walked Out of Hakim Optical – Here’s Why

June 17, 2012 5 comments

I’ve been looking for new eyeglasses. Being a smart shopper, I educated myself on how to read frame size measurements, and learned from CBC Marketplace about how Luxottica is so dominant in our Ontario market.

Trying to avoid stores owned by Luxottica, I paid a visit to my local Hakim Optical store. I tried on a few frames along the sidewall display, and then moved up to the counter of the store, where the designer frames like Prada were stored in the plexiglass showcase. I tried to look into the showcase to see the sizing information on the arms of the glasses to identify one that might fit me, but on each frame, a sticker was placed right on top of where the sizing information should be. I asked the employee about this:

Me: So why do they have a sticker on top of the sizing information? I can’t see if the frame is the right size for me.

Him: Well they have to put the sticker somewhere.

Me: Well they could put it anywhere on the arm and not block the sizing information!


He offered to pick out a pair of Prada frames for me, and he actually did pick out a very nice pair. No complaints about his skill. Total price with lenses: About $500.

I pulled out my phone, planning to take a picture of myself wearing the frames so I could use it for future reference in comparison shopping.

Me: You don’t mind if I take a picture of myself wearing the glasses, do you?

Him: Sorry, that’s not allowed.

Me: Really, I can’t just take a photo of myself?

Him: You can’t take a photos, but I can take a photo for you.

Me: What’s the difference between you taking a picture and me taking a picture?

Him: It’s because your photo leaves with you; My photo stays here.

Me: Sorry, that’s not acceptable. I’m leaving.

Him: OK, have a good day!

This doesn’t make sense to me. I have asked for permission to take multiple self-photos at at least four other optical shops, and never had a single complaint. The only place where I’ve had a problem is at Hakim Optical.

Why is Hakim Optical so secretive? Why don’t they want people seeing the sizing numbers on the frames? Why don’t they want people taking photos of themselves wearing sample frames? This kind of secrecy turns me off. If one retailer is being secritive when their competitors are quite open, I think it means there’s something the secretive retailer doesn’t want you to find out about their products or business. While the employee was completely polite during the entire encounter, I don’t like doing business under such conditions. I was happy to leave.

AmEx Cash Rebate – Another Big WIN At Costco

February 7, 2012 Leave a comment

The Costco American Express Platinum Rebate. January has come and gone again, resulting in the much-anticipated mailing of Costco AmEx yearly rebate cheques. This, in turn, leads to the also anticipated but much less cherished long line-ups at the check-out, as we wait for the cashiers to process everyone’s personal rebate cheques. I’ll bet these things reduce each person’s bill by an average of $7.29 or so.

Trying to be smart, I brought my cheque in with me on a weekday night. Hopefully, I would be able to load up on Costco rotisserie chickens and a bucketload of hummus without braving the massive rebate-cheque-toting crowds. My gamble to avoid the excessive line-ups was a success.

I, unfortunately, was not.

During my typical brainless march through the checkout, I forgot to hand them my rebate cheque. As usual. Damn. My $6 rebate would have to wait. Or so I thought.

Turns out Costco is a lot more aweome than I am.

I queried the cashier, asking if I could apply my rebate cheque after the fact. She took my membership card, rung the cheque through, and handed me the value in cash.


Another big WIN when shopping at Costco!

LCBO Getting More Greedy Than Usual?

August 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Maybe this is just a more realistic reflection of business as usual for the liquor-distribution arm of the Ontario government?

Really, I’m just joking. XD.


What a great bargain for Glenrothes Single Malt Scotch Whisky!

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Canada Computers – Retail Aspirations

June 25, 2011 2 comments

Having visited the big new Mississauga location of Canada Computers, it appears to me that the management of CC aspires to become a knock-off version of Future Shop.

I predict that, on or before July 01, 2012, Canada Computers will offer its own store-branded credit card.

Costco Rotisserie Chicken

I was at my local Costco, chatting with the employee who boxes up the rotisserie chickens.

They sell 3000 chickens per week and lose $1 per chicken. It’s a loss leader to get people into the store. It takes 56 minutes to cook one batch of 32 chickens.

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Wal-Mart Payment Processing Surprise!

January 11, 2011 Leave a comment

I bought an item at Wal-Mart and then returned it about 1 hour later.

The refund showed up on my PC MasterCard online statement ahead of the original charge!

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