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Bell Canada Telemarketer

A telemarketer from Bell Canada phoned me today:

Telemarketer: I’m calling to talk to you about some deals from Bell Canada for Home Phone, TV and Internet.

Me: I’m not interested in anything from Bell.

Telemarketer: Why are you not interested in Bell?

Me: Bell is the worst company in Canada.

Telemarketer: Why do you say that?

Me: Bell is trying to stamp out competition and corner the market to force everyone to pay whatever Bell asks.

Telemarketer: With Rogers, you’re in the same boat.

Me: Rogers is almost as bad as Bell.

Telemarketer: Well I see here that you’re with Rogers.

Me: No, I’m not using Rogers, where did you hear that?

Telemarketer: Well I’m sorry to hear that you’re not interested.

I find it very amusing that he didn’t even dispute my assertion that Bell is a terrible company, and instead argued that Rogers is just as bad. Really, your business is pitifully repugnant if your sales argument is that the competition is just as terrible as you.


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