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Charlie Angus Gets It (Bell / CRTC / UBB)

Following the various media releases regarding the Bell / UBB debacle, I think the only politician that seems to talk about the underlying issues in this debate is Charlie Angus of the NDP.

As quoted in the Globe & Mail:

“We don’t have a market. We have a Family Compact,” the New Democrat said, referring to the elites who used to control Upper Canada in the early 19th century.

“And we have a CRTC that acts as a short order cook for that Family Compact.”


“Your cable giant is also your cellphone provider and is also your TV dealer and their biggest threat is Netflix and other emerging Internet media,” the NDP MP said.

“So if Netflix offers someone a better deal than Rogers the only thing Rogers has to do is put a billing cap on and you won’t be on Netflix for very long.”

Charlie Angus gets it. He understands the underlying conflicts of interest driving this issue, and how Bell is leveraging the CRTC to manipulate the internet service market to push a competitor out of the television market. Very nice indeed. I hope that more people start to understand this problem in the Canadian market, otherwise we will continue to suffer from inferior options and high prices.

The issue I see with other commentators is that they focus on the realistic cost of internet access, and the ways in which UBB inhibits business and innovation. It is also good to see these discussions, but people need to dig deeper in order to catalyze real change.

I think that Bell Canada is certainly the Worst Company In Canada. They don’t know how to compete – Instead they just try to enforce their media cartel so they don’t have to care about the customer. Anything that will bring fair competition into the market and force Bell to either improve their ways or die is A Good Thing.

Do I dare hope for this kind of revolution? Maybe.

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