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Forums Are Not Google – Forum Feature Proposition

January 23, 2011 Leave a comment

This is a proposition for a user-management feature that I think should be added into forum software so that anyone administering the system could implement it.

Problem: Too many users post questions that could easily be answered by one Google‑search.

Solution: Forum software should have a feature such that people who post threads asking questions that could easily have been answered through the forum search or Google could be temp-banned by moderators from posting until the offender is the first to alert on (1, 2, 3, etc) other threads that have the same deficiency.

To describe this in more detail, the temp-ban would expire after:
1. A certain number of days have passed, OR

2. For offenders who are temp-banned from posting due to this rule, their forum interface should have a different “alert” button that can be used to tag google-fodder threads. If the tagged threads is in fact google-fodder, the user becomes unbanned.

To reduce the load on the forum’s moderators, any threads tagged by such temp-banned offenders should go into a separate “google-fodder” listing where moderators and users with high post counts can vote on whether the tagged threads do actually count as google-fodder.

If the threads get enough votes, the user who tagged them will be un-banned, and whoever started that thread will be temp-banned for posting google-fodder.

This way, the forum eco-system educates its own users and solves its own problems with minimal moderator-overhead.

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Wal-Mart Payment Processing Surprise!

January 11, 2011 Leave a comment

I bought an item at Wal-Mart and then returned it about 1 hour later.

The refund showed up on my PC MasterCard online statement ahead of the original charge!

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BlackBerry Playbook Looks Slick!

January 6, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve been watching the videos from CES, and I think the BlackBerry Playbook is shaping up to be one uber-ninja project. Slick. Smooth. Killer.

It would be nice if the screen was one step sharper in resolution, maybe 1366×800 or similar. But still, I am really liking the look of this thing. It might even be worth driving down to Buffalo to pick up one on opening weekend!

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Petro Canada Carwash Season Pass – Commentary

January 6, 2011 2 comments

I recently saw this sign at a Petro-Canada car wash in Mississauga – Photo:

Caption: Car Wash Season Pass - Get a FREE Gift Card Holder With Purchase

I’m confused here.

Do they actually think that people will be so excited to get a free “Gift Card Holder” that it would change their decision on whether or not to make the purchase? Every gift card I have purchased, from Home Depot to The Body Shop comes in a nice little folding cardboard wrapper.

I find it incredibly presumptuous of them to imply that people are this stupid. It’s even worse that they wasted time, energy and raw materials to make signs like this. It’s on par with all the junk mail that Bell Canada, which is the Worst Company in Canada, sends out. Hopefully this sign the making of Petro employees before they got bought out, as I have more respect for Suncor.

Suncor / Petro-Canada, please stop insulting our intelligence and find better ways to add value. You can do this be eliminating the rail / soft cloth car washes and replacing them all with non-rail, truly touch-free car washes. Thank you.

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